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Facilitated Workshops

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Facilitated Workshops

Personal, Potential and Purpose
Building Relationships
Presentation Skills
Creative Thinking
Developing Potential
Managing my Career

Personal, Potential and Purpose (Duration: 2 days)

Objective:  To use the concept of Emotional Intelligence to learn more about yourself in order to ‘unlock’ your potential
  • Understand the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Assess your EQ level
  • Learn about EQ concepts and tools to find out more about yourself
  • Examine your thoughts, beliefs and ‘self-talk’
  • Explore the relationship between your thoughts and your self-esteem
  • Explore your ‘purpose’
  • Define a personal vision statement

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Building Relationships (Duration: 2 day)

Objective:  To gain insight into building business relationships
  • Explore the behaviours that build trust and respect
  • Understand the elements of a positive relationship
  • Describe different communication styles and identify your own style of communication
  • Understand barriers to communication
  • Learn some important principles in meeting the emotional needs of others
  • Describe the strategies you can use to deal with difficult individuals in the workplace
  • Learn about communication techniques for managing difficult conversations
  • Learn to manage your emotions in difficult situations
  • Describe the causes and effect of conflict in an organisation
  • Explain the differences between beneficial and detrimental conflict
  • Describe the principles of effective conflict resolution
  • Discuss the six steps in the conflict resolution process

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Presentation Skills (Duration: 2 days)

Objective:  To learn to present yourself and your subject matter confidently and professionally (highly experiential and practical workshop with individual feedback) 
  • Identified factors that enhanced or detracted from the presentations of your fellow graduates
  • Assessed your current level of presenting ability
  • Set personal learning objectives for the workshop
  • Identified the attributes of great presenters
  • Identified the effect of your image on your audience
  • Considered how your self-perception and image impact on you
  • Explored five factors that affect your image
  • Planned to improve your image
  • Listed ways in which you can set up your surroundings to support your presentation
  • Researched your audience.
  • Decided what you want to achieve.
  • Structured your presentation
  • Recognised the importance of non-verbal as well as verbal communication.
  • Explored ways of calming your fears.
  • Used support tools.
  • Realised  that rehearsal is crucial.
  • Learnt how to monitor audience non-verbal behaviour.


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Creative Thinking (Duration: 1 day)

Objective:  To ‘unleash’ creative ways of thinking to generate new ideas/ways of doing things/ways of thinking
  • Explore the concept of ‘innovation’
  • Explore the ‘habits’ of creative thinkers
  • Practise techniques for the generation of ideas

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Developing Potential (Duration: 1 day)

Objective:  To show how a performance development process can be used effectively to develop an individual’s (or team’s) potential
  • Understand the performance development process and its purpose
  • Understand the link between the performance development process and personal career objectives
  • Understand the importance of ‘driving’ your own development

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Managing my Career (Duration: 1 day)

Objective:  To take participants through a guided process and for participants to come away with a ‘first pass’ career plan
  • Understand career stages
  • Learn about your own ‘career anchors’
  • Understand your individual career orientation
  • Understand your skills, values, personal qualities and areas that need development
  • Explore and understand what gives you job satisfaction
  • Set career goals
  • Set a long-term career plan

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