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Self-Study Modules

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Self-Study Modules (All modules take approximately 4 hours to complete)

Coping with Change
Planning and Organising
Delighting Customers
Learning for Life
Problem Solving
Personal Finance
My Personal Brand

Coping with Change


Objective:  To better manage change in your own life
  • Understand the different ways that people react to change
  • Identify your own ‘filters’ and ‘self-talk’ and how this affects your reaction to change
  • Learn to limit the stress associated with change

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Planning and Organising

Objective:  To learn some practical tools for immediate application
  • Learn to plan and prioritise daily activities efficiently and productively
  • Overcome procrastination quickly and easily
  • Keep track of all aspects of a complex task
  • Organise your workspace and workflow to make better use of your time

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Delighting Customers

Objective:  To gain insight into providing quality customer service
  • Learn about world-class service standards
  • Understand customer priorities and the actions necessary to meet those priorities
  • Understand customers’ perception of service quality
  • Understand the differences/relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Describe the two basic elements of a customer-friendly attitude
  • Explain the ‘emotional connection’ between you and your customer
  • Meet the emotional needs of your customers
  • Deal with angry customers by using a problem solving process

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Learning for Life

Objective:  To empower you to learn effectively
  • Identify barriers to learning and understand how you can overcome these
  • Understand the learning process – moving from ‘unconscious incompetence’ to ‘unconscious competence’
  • Understand different models of adult learning styles
  • Explore e-learning

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Problem Solving
        Objective: To learn practical problem solving techniques.

  •  Recognise different thinking patterns.
  • Use decision-making tools to organise your thoughts.
  • Distinguish between creative and logical problem solving.
  • Apply different problem solving models.
  • Apply problem-solving principles to real life situations.

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Personal Finance
         Objective: To manage your personal finances effectively.

  •  Explore your attitude towards and values and beliefs   about money
  • Assess of your current situation
  • Identify problem areas
  • Take control of your money
  • Plan a financial strategy
  • Prepare a portfolio of options
  • Create a vision of a successful financial future

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My Personal Brand

Objective:  To explore your personal image within the business world
  • Understand the basics of business etiquette
  • Identify the advantages of mastering business etiquette
  • List seven simple business courtesies
  • Learn how to use the telephone effectively in a business context
  • Learn how to make a positive first impression
  • Learn a strategy for remembering names
  • Learn about  ‘how to behave’ at social functions
  • Plan your business wardrobe

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